bbck offers strategic & creative consulting and helps corporates defining and communicating their unique proposition on the market so that they will get chosen by their potential target group.

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Job: Logodraft, 2010
for Christian Dior S.A.
Agency: bbck
Designer: Karin Amber

Redesigning an iconic logo is a pretty sensational task. Considering the history and the tradition of the brand, the next intended moves towards new markets and the consumers’ attitude towards luxury goods, reflecting Christian Dior’s belief in the eternal beauty of women and merging it with the logo's perfect applicability on products – all accessory, cosmetics and architecture – no matter what size or material: It all boils down to one timeless result.

Mondi CCS

Job: Corp. Communication Strategy
for Mondi Group
Agency: bbck

Creating a communication concept for a global player is fun yet it comes with some challenges. Diversity needs to be considered, plus a design that is adaptable worldwide for all kinds of communication. The B2B-segment often suffers from a lack of creativity and emotions, as if B2B employees would be any different than regular consumers. Therefore, we chose to go down exactly that road: staging Mondi’s innovative products in playful settings and bringing a lot of life to them worked really well. This strategy was a big success!


“Rarely have we worked with so much fun and lively discussion on our “brand“ and new strategic orientation as we did with Karin Amber and her team.”

Dr. Hannes Jarolim

Binder Grösswang

Job: Corporate Magazine
for Binder Grösswang
Agency: bbck

Fortunately, the times are long gone when law firms were only announcing themselves to the world through massive brass signs at the entrance of inner city office buildings. As a highly successful law firm, Binder Grösswang considers itself as a reliable partner that provides not only first class legal services but also a magazine that covers highly specific areas. Even tough intermittent, contentwise every release is one of its kind. That is why we came up with the concept of counting covernumbers.
Job: Brand Strategy & Corporate Design
Agency: bbck

A good morning starts with a breakfast at You will get an update on the latest developments in the field of arbitration, litigation and dispute resolution, meet with leading lawyers in that field and enjoy the viennese coffee tradition in the heart of vienna.
ÖRAG Immobilien

Job: Corp. Communication Strategy
for ÖRAG Immobilien
Agency: bbck

Not many of us buy a house or an apartment every now and then. Whether it is buying, selling or renting real estate, hiring a facility-team or negotiating some huge business space, what we all wish for is a trustworthy partner on the other side. One that goes the extra mile even after the contracts are signed. Yet it always takes two to tango. This is the core belief of ÖRAG Immobilien and the focus we chose for the communication strategy. "You have the vision. We contribute the real estate." Everyone likes win-win-situations, isn’t it?





“A profound identity process moderated by Karin Amber has brought us even closer within our partnership and has shown a clear strategic direction for our firm. We are incredibly empowered in our professional activities.“

Dr. Nikolaus Vavrovsky

Job: Seasonal campaign
for Currycom for iSi
Agency: bbck

To keep a long story short: It's springtime! The first days after a long winter that we finally can sit outside again and enjoy a coffee in the sun. Ah! What about some juicy fruits, or even a cup of ice cream! Enjoy life today. Get yourself a treat. And most of all: Take it isi.

Job: Com. Concept, CD

When meeting a bunch of great lawyers who have this slightly different angle on seeing things, any creative should take advantage of that given circumstance. Telling stories that create inner pictures. Saying all by not naming it…we love it… And even more important, the team of Torggler loves it and their clients too.

Job: Book
for OTIS
Agency: bbck

By inventing the elevator in 1854, Elias Otis set a landmark for the "new world" as we know it today. Skyscrapers kept rising to unexpected heights. Celebrating their anniversary, the leading global lift manufacturer Otis presented a fantastic world-wide exhibition of megacities featuring all its glories and down sides. We were lucky enough to indulge into Gruner & Jahr's enormous photo stock. The book was released in German & English.
Job: Corp. Communication Strategy
for Mondi Group
Agency: bbck
Photographer: Thomas Schauer

For many years the B2B-sector drowned in excel-sheets and pie charts. When the Mondi Group asked us to come up with something „fresh“ to illustrate their strength, we came, saw and chose a completely different approach. As appropriate for an international player, we casted kids from all cultures and instead of showing a boring pie chart with global activities, we asked little Devid from Iran to blow up a waterpolo that looked like a globe. Followed by the pie (well, well… facts and figures can't be neglected...) But: First we want to make our business-partners smile, then it is more fun navigating together through all kind of numbers.
Dior Perfume

Job: Product branding
for Labvert for Christian Dior S.A.
Agency: bbck
Visualisation: Labvert

Dior’s „big D“ has been the constant brand element in decades. The perfume was named „Divine“ and its flacon was supposed to carry a huge golden „D“. When asked to come up with a packaging- and point-of-sale-concept we suggested that the name „Divine“ already introduces a certain look. The nature of divinity we believe is strong yet certainly not loud. We integrated the name in the golden eye catching „D“ and kept the packaging subtle yet elegant and very „Diorish“. On the shelf and on the dispenser the consumer would immediately recognize a Dior-piece yet the product would reveal its divinity subtle. The product never got released but we still love its look and we are happy to share it with you.


“Working with BBCK is a pleasure. Quick, lots of attention to details, full of ideas and – most of all – uncompromising.“

Dr. Gerold Zeiler

Job: Communication- and Packaging Concept
for MAM Baby
Agency: bbck

Who pays more attention on which product to choose for their little ones then young parents do? This circumstance was our challenge and our bliss. For almost one decade bbck developed and supervised the international communication- and packaging concept for MAM Baby.
BG_energy team

Job: Magazine
for Binder Grösswang
Agency: bbck 

The art of storytelling is that stories unfold in the mind of the viewer and listener itself. And this is how it creates its maximum effect: Your message conquers the box seat in the minds of our customers. Real pro's always make the best out of any given circumstances - and thats how we introduced the energy-team to the reader: 

"Fred and Ginger. That’s what we’ve named the e-bikes that we’ve been using when on the go for clients in Vienna. “Singing in the rain” is sometimes our motto, too – Viennese weather being what it is! (...), you can always count on our energy team. Binder Grösswang - Competence you can count on." Prediction: You will remember this story.

Hm... Do we need a brand strategy?

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Client opinions:

“If the term ”exceeding expectations“ fits anyone, then it‘s Karin Amber and her team. We expected a new corporate design for our company. What we got went far beyond that. A profound identity process moderated by Karin Amber has brought us even closer within our partnership and has shown a clear strategic direction for our firm. What we have always had in us is now being expressed outwardly as well. We are incredibly empowered in our professional activities.“
Dr. Nikolaus Vavrovsky

“Rarely have we worked with so much fun
and lively discussion on our “brand“ and new strategic orientation as we did with Karin Amber and her team.”
Dr. Hannes Jarolim

“Warning: the verve with which Amber does her work is really contagious. Even project skeptics (like myself), who initially struggled with starting the “brand process“, were quickly convinced. The bar Amber set our sights on was incredibly high; equally incredible was the self-evident ease with which we jumped it.“
Dr. Dieter Altenburger 

Quick & dirty (and highly effective) self-check: 

Please answer these 3 questions in 1 sentence:

Who are you? 
What do you do? 
Why does it matter?

If you can – you won‘t need us.
If you can‘t – we are here to help.

First: Developing your brand strategy.
Then: Cultivating its growth.

With one goal in mind: Own your power.

Owning our power creates maximum output with minimum effort.
The 3 questions we asked above lead us there. bbck supports you in the field of brand strategy and brand communication. 

Good design is a result of clear thinking.

How does it work, and what to expect: In workshops Karin Amber supports clients to develop and (re) focus on their brand and their communication strategies. This part of the work is exclusively done with business owners and/or chief executives. 

While asking questions and finding answers, we sort out and include, we understand why things are as they are and become aware of what needs to be done to avoid unwanted results. We come to see who “we” are and also who we are not; we arrive at an understanding of our own identity. Identity means clarity. And in clarity lies our power.

Besides the brand DNA and the value proposition we will define the brandtensity and the brand persona of your enterprise. By owning your power you are now ready for take off!

At bbck we truly believe in these steps. Experience tells us that choosing this path is highly satisfying and sustainable for our clients and immediately appreciated by our client‘s clients.

The visualisation process is the next step and – being the natural outcome of a clear strategy – it is always a pleasure to deal with. For our clients as much as for the creative team.

Strategy always comes first.

If you are up for a quick facial we are not the right choice.
bbck builds brands on solid rock. And we are known to be uncompromising. If you want your brand based on sustainable foundations and you are ready to flourish in your very own way,