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"Gaining a deep understanding in why we do what we do, works as a door opener. Towards our clients and towards our teams. Facing facts and taking it from there is an approach in quality that creates sustainable results." Karin Amber



“16 years of successfully working with BBCK stands for itself. We have grown in that time to one of the leading law firms in Austria – according rapidly, the demands have increased our external appearance. BBCK has supported us with numerous proposals that were mostly very progressive. Not always, but very often we had the courage to implement this approach – which we get addressed by Austrian competitors and international law firms quite frequently i must say.“

Dr. Stefan Tiefenthaler, Partner


"Besides, a new „self-awareness“ of our team has developed, which was apparently planned by the project management right from the start, yet we only became aware of it – after exciting group dynamics sessions – at the end of the project. Rarely have we worked with so much fun and discursiveness on our „brand“ and new strategic orientation as we did with Karin Amber and her team. Thanks for doing such a great job!!"

Dr. Hannes Jarolim, Partner
Jarolim Flitsch Rechtsanwälte GmbH

"As a strategy consultant to give a business owner a glittering market presence and common catalog of values is like selling a mediocre suit off the peg. Karin Amber, on the other hand, has listened deeply into our genesis, the values that impacted our success and thus into the DNA of our partnership and then - comparatively scientifically - she found the appropriate, authentic keywords and thus tailored a well-fitting tailor-made suit."

Dr. Christian Dorda, Partner
DORDA Rechtsanwälte GmbH

“For quite some time, we looked for a creative professional who is able to capture the essential by just a few strokes. It was by mere chance that we came across a website of another law firm that was simple, surprising and clear – and revealed its creator’s unerring instinct. That is how we came to know Karin Amber and her team. She took her time for us, looked around and created something we had not expected but which we felt we had had in mind for a long time already. Actually very simple. Just beautiful. And round from any angle. A thousand thanks, Ms Amber!”

Dr. Lutz Kniprath, Partner
Kniprath Lopez, Attorneys for Complex Disputes
Hanover, Germany

“If the term ”exceeding expectations“ fits anyone, then it‘s Karin Amber and her team. We expected a new corporate design for our company. What we got went far beyond that. A profound identity process moderated by Karin Amber has brought us even closer within our partnership and has shown a clear strategic direction for our firm. What we have always had in us is now being expressed outwardly as well. We are incredibly empowered in our professional activities.“

Dr. Nikolaus Vavrovsky, Partner
Vavrovsky Heine Marth Rechtsanwälte GmbH

“From Karin Amber one can learn how communication works, on a professional and personal level. It is subtle, bold, highly professional and creative – just like the concepts she creates for her clients. BBCK is strong in planning and strong in the implementation. Simply a perfect service.”

Dr. Kathrin Weber, Partner
Torggler Rechtsanwälte GmbH

I found our strategy/positioning-workshops really enriching. Often it is feared that such events tend to stay on the meaningless surface and bring nothing out of commonplaces or anything known anyway. This really was not the case here. You guided us through the workshops with energy, feeling and expertise, opening our eyes to so many treasures that we can partner with. Many Thanks!

Dr. Martin Brodey, Partner
DORDA Rechtsanwälte GmbH

“Working with BBCK is a pleasure. Quick, lots of attention to details, full of ideas and – most of all – uncompromising. As an attorney, you’re used to do late-night-shifts. When you receive an email of Karin Amber long after midnight, presenting the next good idea, you know that you are at the right place.“

Dr. Gerold Zeiler, Partner
zeiler.partners Rechtsanwälte GmbH

“We enjoy to work with BBCK, since we very much appreciate the intuitive creativity and the quick and accurate service that is always to the point.“

PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH

“We were all very happy about the super valuable work with Karin Amber. She was super professional and totally convincing. To set specific priorities for the work and corresponding uncompromisingness was essential before and for the creative process. Overall, the system is very much to the point now. ABSOLUTE recommendation!“

Dr. Mona Wildner | Attorney at Law

“Warning: the verve with which Amber does her work is really contagious. Even project skeptics (like myself), who initially struggled with starting the “brand process“, were quickly convinced. The bar Amber set our sights on was incredibly high; equally incredible was the self-evident ease with which we jumped it.“

Dr. Dieter Altenburger, Partner
Jarolim Flitsch Rechtsanwälte GmbH

“Karin Amber has the special ability to empathize with business ideas and to make them available in highly professional dynamic processes in the outer appearance. Creative, surprising and inspiring.“

Dr. Esther Lajta-Fichtinger, Head of Corporate Communications